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Painted Love @Masters of Modern Art in Galleri Kalhøj

La Galleria Kalhøj espone e vendere quadri, stampe, riproduzioni, cartoline artistiche dei fratelli Martin e Dorothy Kalhøj che cooperano da novembre 2002.

Periodicamente, sono ospitate le opere di altri artisti.

Potete trovarvi quadri di grandi dimensioni, dipinti ad olio ed acrilici spesso dai colori fluorescenti.

Di fronte alla vetrina mi perdo regolarmente. Non posso non fermarmi a guardare e a desiderare un’opera, anche solamente una piccola decorazione, un disegno. Li ammiro molto, sono originali e comunicativi.



IMAG1682          IMAG1686-1-1 








The Kalhøj Gallery exhibits and sells paintings, prints, reproductions, art cards by Martin and Dorothy Kalhøj brothers, who cooperate since November 2002.

Periodically, it guests the works of other artists.

You can find large paintings, oil and acrylic often in fluorescent colors.

In front of their shop, I get lost regularly. I cannot stop looking and I would like to have even just a small decoration or a drawing.

I admire them very much, as they are original and communicative.

In my opinion, this place is a source of inspiration, so I propose some elements inspired by the exhibition on Valentine’s Day.

In the gallery are showed numerous works, some are huge with breathtaking and impressive chromatic choices, other smaller in size but delighting and very original.




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