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* 1Bag * 1Week End – La Valigia sul Letto

“che mi porto?” Preparare una valigia multi-task richiede uno sforzo di fantasia.
Affrontare occasioni molto differenti tra loro come riunioni di lavoro, pomeriggio di shopping e party+aperitivi della serata con un guardaroba di meno di 6-7 pezzi richiede idee salva spazio e ricerca del giusto accostamento.

In questa rubrica periodica presento i set di trolley pronti ideali per quelli come me che si spostano spesso.

blonde repertorio 4

“What I pack now?” Preparing a suitcase multi-task requires an effort of imagination.
Facing very different occasions such as business meetings, afternoon shopping and party + drinks of the evening, with a wardrobe of less than 6-7 pieces, requires space-saving ideas and search for the right combination.

In this regular column I present the set of ready trolley ideal for those like me who move often.

Stay tuned, comment and vote!

* * *
“* 1Bag * 1Week End – La Valigia sul Letto” is entirely performed with Polyvore slide sets which are (1) regularly registered as La Ceremigna Polyvore account, (2) published to WordPress with Polyvore account. In Polyvore, after registration, it is possible to refer to the set published in the present blog. Furthermore all copyrights of any item displayed in this blog can be directly retrieved there .


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