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Finders Keepers, a mercatino in Copenhagen Fashion Week AW 2013-14


The Fashion Week in Copenhagen is not only catwalks, shows and orders placement B2B. Artists, creatives sellers participate to exhibitions of different kind related to style and fashion creations.

The city is ready to guest design new suggestions and take care of the past successfull experiences.

Vintage market I present today offers a line of products at good prices, in such northern peculiar framework that is Nørrebro, the headquarter of Copenhagen alternative lifestyle.

Atmosfere was vibrant at the appointment that cannot be missed !

We present some remarkable items discovered from last collections at the market, they are still very trendy and original.





‘The wardrobe – My clothes My life’

‘Stella Nova Copenhagen’

‘H&M -Divided Collection’

Find next events and art exhibitors works pics on http://www.finderskeepers.dk/.

Text: LaCeremigna
Pics+shopexperience: Elizabeth Fallen Nymph


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